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Comedian Reese remains close to roots, despite expanding career
Since the fifth grade, Richard Reese has wanted to be a comedian, but he didn't have the guts back then.

He wanted to jump on stage during high school talent shows and make the crowd wet themselves with laughter. But again, this wasn't his time. Shortly after graduation, however, he started pursuing his dream. Read More >

All aboard the "Strange Train": Local comedians producing sci-fi web series
Richard Reese - along with the help of local comedians, actors, writers, photographers and more - is readying to launch a new web series called "Strange Train," which will blend science fiction and the occult and, of course, will make you laugh. Read More >

McGuigan brothers aptly portrayed the lads from Liverpool
The show had not yet begun at the Conroe's elegant Crighton Theatre and already the audience was in a really good mood. That was no accident, but the result of a very talented young comedian named Richard Reece.
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Flat tire can't keep Omahan away
Richard Reese's tire went flat just hours before the start of Amateur Night in Norfolk. When the Omahan finally made it to the Johnny Carson Theatre, his act was anything but. Reese, whom the audience declared the winner of the event Tuesday night, nearly didn't make it to Norfolk in time. Read More >

Who's best at 'GoldenEye'? Find out Sunday
Sunday at Duffy's, expect a nostalgic blast of third-gen Nintendo mayhem. Duffy's is dusting off a few N64 consoles, blowing on some game cartridges and hosting a "GoldenEye 007" tournament.
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